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What is Secure Information Sharing?
It is a software-based, Internet application service that provides an easy, low-workload means of sharing information in a way that is:
  • Constantly up to date with laws, policies and regulations for accessing and sharing information
  • Flexible and responsive to changing events or conditions in a largely automated way
  • Easily managed and controlled by the owner of the data
  • Configured to allow access to the right data, by the right people, at the right time
  • Secure in protecting the information and controlling access to it for different organizations that must work together to achieve common goals (e.g., critical infrastructure protection).

Who benefits from it?
There are numerous direct and indirect beneficiaries. Greenwich Terminals benefits from having greater connectivity to the first responder and security community that supports it, while also having a low-workload means to insure compliance with policies dealing with accessing and sharing sensitive and proprietary information. The intelligence and law enforcement communities benefit from having secure access to additional port information on a real-time basis. In case of an actual or suspected incident, the response can be more accurate, informed, and timely, which benefits both the terminal and the responders. Overall port security operations also benefits from this service.

Who has access to it?
There is a growing partnership and federated community of stakeholders involved in the security, intelligence process, prevention and response, emergency preparedness, law enforcement and regional security collaboration. If your organization is not part of a community of those with direct access, contact us to inquire about joining.

How does it work?
It uses policy-based security rules in an attribute based access control (ABAC) framework (ABAC – see the About page), to dynamically manage and control who has access to what data during what conditions. ABAC gives the system the means to flexibly adapt to new or changing conditions, users, or characteristics of the data, while rules are monitored within applicable policies and regulations for changes and updates. The built-in rules update capability gives the data owner a constant and current awareness of the latest rules, how they apply to sharing information and an easy way to incorporate the new rules as policies adapt to new threats.

What information is available?
The service and its software framework can be used with any type of data or information sharing technology. It currently allows access to live surveillance video from cameras at Packer Avenue Marine Terminal. The exact views depend on the access permission for the user, the location of a camera and its surveillance area, and the conditions (i.e., threat level and/or emergency situations) both at the port and the terminal.